Story Line: The year is 2180. Planet Earth has recently been involved with a World War. This was World War 5. There was a fight to stop our planet from becoming a One World Government, known as OWU (One World Union). It was a war between government and a world counter terrorist movement. Through the availability of funding for technology, OWU won the war after nearly destroying planet earth.

In the great depths of space an enormous black hole opens and an entire solar system of unknown origin appears within a near distance of planet earth’s a solar system. Another 6 planets appear within half a light year from earth’s solar system.

According to the latest scout satellite photos, A planet known as “Planet Zephyr” has what appears to be large city structures around the entire planet. An intelligent race of aliens has been discovered and they are gathering armored forces to attack planet earth.

The aliens known as “Scalion” have heavily armored battleships surrounding earth. Earth’s greatest Scientists have come to the theory that the “Scalion” came from a parallel dimension through the black hole. Earth’s atmospheric defenses have not been able to take out the enemy.

You play the role as sergeant “Jason Rosemayer” an armored forces pilot for the One World Union Defense Army, known as the OWUDA. All forces on Earth join forces. It’s your turn to take part in defending planet earth!